Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Weekly Workout Plan

I like to mix up my workout routine because I can get bored VERY quickly! I've tried gym memberships, yoga, cross training and running groups. I still attempt all of those things but am not committed to anything (except of course DAILY exercise!) Some people thrive on going to gyms and fitness groups to keep them motivated, and that’s great… but it’s just not me! This weekly workout plan is a typical week for me, sometimes adding variations based on weather and how my body and mind feels. It is for those who are like me and just want to get up and get it done without the hassle of getting in the car and to the gym.
 I've mixed it up a bit and sometimes there are very structured, timed exercises (like Monday) and sometimes you have exercises based on repetitions (like Tuesday). You can decide what you like and hopefully structure your daily routine to what works for you!

You can download apps that have countdown timers so you know when each minute or 30 seconds is up so you don’t have to stare at a clock. You should also keep a log of your workouts to see how you progress and when you can up your reps and/or weight.

A few reminders:
  • Please do not perform any exercises without consulting your doctor if concerned with health issues.
  • Please do not push yourself more than you can handle. You will get stronger with time, so if you cannot perform each exercise to the full extent, take a break and try again tomorrow! STAY POSITIVE!! J
  • Stretch, Stretch, Stretch! Stretch a bit before starting your exercise and for at least 5 minutes after. Stretching promotes circulation and allows the body to wake up and perform at its best.
  • Remember to eat. Grab a small snack about 30 minutes before each workout, HYDRATE before during and after, and eat a protein packed snack or meal after your workout (preferably within 30 minutes of ending your workout).

This Week’s Workout Plan
Monday – 30 minute run then workout
                Leg Day! (They will be shaky when you’re done!!)
                3 x 25 Squats (holding 8lb medicine ball) 
      3 x 10 (per side) Side Lunge with Rotation (holding 8lb medicine ball) 
                3 x 25 Sumo Squat with press (holding 2 8-12 lb dumbbells) 
                3 x 10 Squat Jumps
Burpees and Plank in between each set above:
Burpees – 30 seconds

                   Plank – 1 minute
Tuesday – Workout Then Run
                100 crunches on stability ball
                3 x 10 push ups
                3 x 25 sumo squats
                30 minute run (3 miles or more)
Wednesday – 30 minute run then workout
                Abs and Butt Workout (Do 5 minute circuit 3 times - total 15 minutes)
                Bicycles – 1 minute
                Crazy Ivans – 1 minute
                Step back lunge holding 8-12 lb dumbbells – 1 minute
                Sumo Squats holding 8 lb medicine ball – 1 minute
                Opposite arm superman – 1 minute (30 seconds per side)
Thursday – 30 minute run then workout
                Arms and Back Workout
                3 x 10 Medicine ball triceps pushups
                3 x 10 Dips with legs straight
                Cobra pose – 1 minute
                3 x 15 8-12 lb dumbbell flys
                3 x 15 8-12 lb dumbell kickbacks

Friday – 6 mile hike (No hiking trail? Repeat Tuesday workout!)

Saturday – Rest!!! I like to rest on Saturdays instead of Sundays because it seems like Mondays are hard enough for people to get back in to the work week, why feel like you have added pressure of another week of exercise, too? Start your exercise week on Sunday and you're ready for anything!! 

Sunday – 30 minute Yoga session
              Take a class at your local yoga studio                 
              You can find many free yoga videos on iTunes from Yoga Journal